Submit your website in web directoris and get basic seo advices

SEO - DIRECTORY SITE SUBMITER is a simple application which allows users to submit their websites for promoting them.

Web site’s registration in web directories is one of the most popular forms of promoting a site. A promoted web site can be easily found by search engines, such as Google the main search engine, where all world “fight” for the front page.

Web directories use robots to index web pages. These robots find a linck to your site in the database where are also indexed, or processes its own waiting list.

For a better positioning in Google your site must be registered in the web directories, but also to be optimized. Using SEO-DSS not only will quickly sign the site in web directories, but you’ll get basic SEO tips that will help you to place your site in Googles first page.

Here are some key features of "SEO - DIRECTORY SITE SUBMITER":

· Fast and semi-automatic registration in over 1000 web directoris;
· A list of over 1000 web directoris daily updated;
· Automatically web site examination, and SEO advices to be followed for a better placement in search engines.


· Minimum internet connection required is 512 kbps (1.5 Mbps recommended).


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