Portable NetMeter 1.1.3

Portable NetMeter description

Realtime bandwith monitoring was never easier.

Portable NetMeter application was desigend to be a small, yet versatile, customizable and free network bandwidth monitoring program.


· Windows 2000 or newer is required for "transparency" and "balloon hint" features
· If you are using Windows 95 you will have to install an update from Microsoft that contains the IP-Helper API (IPHLPAPI.DLL). As far as i know this DLL is included in the Internet Explorer 5.x installation package.
· Windows NT 4.0: Service Pack 4 or newer is required
· x64 versions of XP and Vista: NetMeter works fine on these 64-bit operating systems although it is not a native 64-bit binary. Vista Ultimate 64-bit is my current development platform. Nevertheless i will continue to maintain compatibility down to Windows 95.

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· NICs are now being identified by Name and MAC address. If you upgraded from an earlier version of NetMeter, please reselect your network interface within the options menu!
· Fixed problem with multiple monitors when window position is negative
· Some other small bugfixes i forgot


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